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Museum Board of Trustees
Museum Board of Trustees

T.J. Blakeman,

President & Exhibits Committee Chair

Perry Morris,

Vice President

Delora Siebrecht,


Adele Suslick

Alan Arnold,

Facilities Chair

Harold Balbach

Joe Muskin

Andrew Grote

Rick Williams, Education Committee Chair

Ian Wang-3.JPG
Renee Potter.jpg

Ian Wang

Renee Potter

Sara Bennett.jpg

Sara Bennett, Collections
Committee Chair

Join the Board of Trustees

Our museum is always looking for energetic and passionate people to serve in a leadership role.  First and foremost, we seek individuals who share a passion for community service. Additionally, we are seeking a Board that reflects the makeup of our County. Only through these diverse backgrounds can we accurately tell the story of Champaign County. While existing knowledge of Champaign County history is important, it is not a pre-requisite for the position. More important is someone who understands the roles and responsibilities of the work outlined in this recruitment document.

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