The Museum's Permanent Collection

The museum's permanent object collection contains over 20,000 items.  These objects range in size from thimbles to cast iron stoves.  The collection began in 1972 when the museum was founded at its original home, the Wilber Mansion.  At the time, our museum was a house museum dedicated to showcasing life in earlier time periods.  The collection grew to include significant pieces of furniture from notable Champaign County families and large amounts of textiles in the form of clothing and accessories.  As the Museum's mission has evolved during the move to the Cattle Bank today we are more focused on individual items that tell the unique stories of our residents and the events that have shaped the county.  


Object Collection

We are working hard to make our collection available to an online audience.  Check back for updates.

Research Library

We maintain a small research library for research purposes.  We do allow visitors to use the library with advanced notice.

Photographic Collection

Browse our photograph collection on Flickr.

Archive Collection

We refrain from collecting paper archives unless they are part of an artifact collection.  Instead we encourage you to visit our friends at the Champaign County Historical Archives