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Adele Suslick Award for Historical Research

Origins of the Adele M. Suslick Award


Adele M. Suslick worked as a teacher at University Laboratory High School for over 30 years. After her retirement, she began volunteering as a board member at the Champaign County History Museum, serving on the education committee as co-chair for many years. Her goal has always been to advocate for students and to build a greater understanding of local history. 


This award is supported by the Adele M. Suslick Endowment for Historical Research held by the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois. If you would like to contribute to this endowment's ongoing development and expansion, please donate to CCHM using this page or by writing a check with the notation "Suslick Endowment." Your gift will help us to support the mission of historical research and public history for years to come.


Eligibility and Distribution Information


This is an Award for historical research publications distributed by CCHM and written by UIUC student interns and volunteers at the Champaign County History Museum. Eligible students can be either undergraduates or graduate students. This award is intended to promote a higher quality of scholarship in local champaign county historical research. Emphasis is placed on publications that increase understanding of historical objects within the collection or which practice a high quality of research into a historical topic that is important to public discourse within the community. 


Prize winners will also be gifted $200 and a certificate of appreciation. Their article will also be noted for winning the award on our website. In addition, the Adele M. Suslick Award winners will be given their certificate and check at the UIUC history department awards ceremony in April of each year. Papers are self-nominated by student authors, and an independent panel of judges from the University of Illinois History Department and other local museums selects the winner.


 Contest Winners: 

2023 - "Roger Ebert's Hometown" by Rachel Mulick


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