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The History of the Museum

The Champaign County History Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization and exists to “collect and preserve artifacts relating to the history of Champaign County, Illinois, and, by using those artifacts in formal and informal educational activities, to interpret that history to the public.”  The Museum was founded in 1972 and opened for exhibition in 1974.  The Museum’s original home was the Wilber Mansion located at 907 West University Avenue.  The Wilber Mansion was sold in 1997, with proceeds being used to acquire the Museum’s current home at 102 East University Avenue.  The current building, named the Cattle Bank, is Champaign County’s oldest documented commercial structure, having been constructed in 1857. 


Wilber Mansion

709 W. University Avenue

1972 - 1997


Cattle Bank and Oakly Building

102 E. University Avenue


Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

In 2022 the Champaign County History Museum celebrated 50 years of preserving local history.  This section is dedicated to recounting some of our favorite and most historic moments. Make sure to read our complete history above to learn more! Be sure to stop into the museum as we continue to provide exciting and educational programs and exhibitions and consider becoming a member to ensure we survive another 50 years!

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