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When We Went To War

In 1941, the United States went to war for the second time in 23 years.  Once again communities across the country mobilized and united in national pride and determination to support the war effort.  When We Went to War examines life on the homefront and highlights incredible personal stories from those far from home.


The Great Harris Mansion Heist

In this rotating gallery, we feature stories of compelling historical events.  The Great Harris Mansion Heist retells the story of Champaign's most infamous and brazen heist at the home of Henry Harris just days after the 1929 stock market crash.  The exhibit explores the opulence of the party and contrasts that with the start of the great depression. 

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Past Exhibits


A Second Home

150 Years of Student Living at the Unviersity of Illinois

The Art of Louise Woodroofe

In our second-floor art gallery, we feature the works of local artist Louise Woodroofe.  Louise was an artist from early childhood who honed her skills as a teen and eventually as faculty at the University of Illinois.  Taught in the Flauvit style, her bold, colorful work was the perfect medium for painting her passion... circuses!  Learn about her personal friendship with circus owner Oliver Ringing North and her experiences and art under the big top.

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