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Champaign County Newspaper Digitization Initiative

A core tenet of our mission is to preserve the past for future generations.  One of our most important research tools is local newspapers and publications.  These objects are incredibly important in helping provide the history and context to issues in our county, state, and nation.  Our Newspaper Digitization Initiative is designed to assist in fundraising to preserve, digitize, and make available to the public these important resources.  Our initiative receives technical support from the University of Illinois Library and the University of Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections.   



St. Joseph Record Digitization Project

Dale Publications, publisher of the St. Joseph Record, Ogden Courier, and Homer Enterprise operated weekly newspapers in East Central Illinois from 1894 and 1980. Currently, all issues of the St. Joseph Record from December 8, 1894, to July 31, 1980, are in the Champaign County archives of the Urbana Free Library.

The Champaign County History Museum, working in partnership with the living descendants of the last owners/publishers, Robert and Barbara Butler, are raising money to digitize this important collection.  

We are seeking to raise $30,000 to complete this project.  Donations can be made tax-exempt to the Champaign County History Museum's Digitization Fund.  As $10,000 milestones are reached, portions of the collection will be digitized.   


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