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A new chapter in the Champaign County History Museum history book

The Champaign County History Museum has a record almost as varied as its collection and recently, has been as elusive. Since its incorporation in 1970, it has amassed a collection of artifacts numbering in the tens of thousands, has had two locations, and has closed three times. However, thanks to a number of dedicated volunteers, this Saturday, April 29th, at 10 a.m., Champaign Mayor Deb Feinen and museum Board of Trustee members will cut the ribbon on the latest chapter in its history book.

The museum will reopen at its current location, the historic Cattle Bank at the corner of First Street and University Avenue, with new exhibits and events to support its mission “To discover, collect, preserve, exhibit, study and interpret objects relating to the history of Champaign County, and to provide educational programs about the County’s heritage and the Museum’s collections.” They are off to a flying start. There are numerous events planned and four new exhibits debuting.

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